There are many ways to recover hydrazine comprehensively. The common method of chlorination distillation is commonly used. The method is to convert the hydrazine in the raw material into a sulfuric acid solution, add the tannin to obtain a tannin precipitate, and after oxidizing and roasting to remove arsenic and remove the harmful substances, chlorination at 83 to 100 ° C to obtain GeCl 4 . The following reactions occur during the chlorination distillation:
GeO 3 +4HCl=GeCl 4 +2H 2 O
GeCl 4 is hydrolyzed to obtain pure GeO 2 , and the following reactions occur during the process:
GeCl 4 +2H 2 O=GeO 2 +4HCl
GeO 2 and hydrogen is reduced to give metallic germanium having from about 10 ~ 20Ω · cm resistivity, the reaction is:
GeO 2 +2H 2 =Ge+2H 2 O
(1) Recycling by preferential volatilization method Firstly, the raw materials are made into a dough, and after volatilization, the volatilization rate is 90% to 98%; then the dust is extracted according to the classical method, and the recovery rate of the plutonium is said to be as high as 90%. In China, this method has been used to extract yttrium from zinc concentrate containing 0.006% to 0.008% Ge. After two reductions and volatilization, the obtained sulphide dust is extracted by the classical method, and the recovery rate of strontium is 75% to 80%. .
(2) sulfated - recovery of germanium and vector processing method of this precipitation germanium containing 0.022% germanium deposit Zaire, by flotation to obtain a germanium-containing 0.13% of copper concentrate, copper smelting was obtained containing 0.36% Ge soot by Sulfation converts the ruthenium into the sulfuric acid system, and after purification, the ruthenium in the solution is precipitated by using MgO as a carrier, and then extracted according to the classical method. The Belen plant in Belgium is produced using this method, and the recovery rate of hydrazine is 75%.
(3) Recovery of hydrazine by alkaline earth metal chloride distillation.
(4) Tobacco recovery by recovery.
(5) Redox roasting recovers hydrazine.
(6) Re-evaporation and recovery of hydrazine.
(7) recovering germanium extraction recent years, many solvent extraction of germanium larger research progress, germanium extracted coal oil can be used, CCl 4, MIBK, Lix63 system in diethyl ether and hydrochloric acid; sulfuric acid can be used in a TOA system, P204+YW100, Lix63 and Kelex100 are extracted, which can be produced according to the specific conditions.
(8) The blast furnace is used to recover hydrazine.

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