Ten years ago, a limousine with the Xichai Aowei engine came to Hetian, Xinjiang. In the sinister desert, under the scorching sun, it took 9 years to create a miracle of 2 million kilometers without major repairs. After the “physical examination”, all the test data were within the scope of the assessment of the indicators, but its appearance was vicissitudes but the mechanism was still full of vitality! Even more Aowei machines produced color. In 2015, Xichai established a new longest oil change cycle. The 100,000-kilometer Aowei four-vehicle was equipped with the FAW Liberation J6 pilot version of the tractor. On the same day that the country shocked the market in March, it set a record of 1,327 sets of on-site sales!

"Core" Health Power Leading Quality
"Core" Health Power Leads Quality

It can be said that Aowei engine has been favored by users for 12 years since its launch, and it has achieved a feat of selling 700,000 units of its own-brand single-series engine! How Xiecha people have continuously refined the quality of Aowei engine to every aspect and cast it out. This Chinese engine industry's trump card, with the depth of international strength? Let us walk into Xichai, unlock the "success code"

Severe standard "core" force

Quality is the lifeline of Xichai people, and it is the foundation of national brands.

“The cleanliness level of the engine of Axis pilot version Aowei has reached the leading level in China and the world-class level!” Talking about the quality of the long oil change Aowei series engines that are currently matched by the liberation of the J6 Pioneer Edition of the market, the technology of the Xichai Warranty Department. Personnel Zhou Jingyu was proud of the feelings of pride. “Xichai was only trying to ensure the cleanliness level of the pilot version of Aowei. Last year, in the case where its own cleanliness standards were at the forefront of the industry, the new Aowei series machine and Cleanliness of parts and components enterprise standards. This standard is the industry's highest engine cleanliness standards." Zhou Jingyu said that Xichai uses the contact area calculation theoretical limit method to determine cleanliness standards. The maximum particle control of its fuel system was increased from the original 500um to 400um; the maximum particle size of the lubrication system particle grading standard was increased from the original 800um to 600um, and the control requirements for the new 50-200um particles were added, and 18 new parts were required for particle size classification.

As we all know, the life of a car, its engine is one of the decisive factors. Engine cleanliness is one of the important indicators for evaluating the engine quality of an automobile. It not only affects the durability and reliability of the engine, but also ultimately affects the service life of the automobile. “In order to improve the cleanliness of Aowei, Xichai has formulated the cleanliness improvement measures and the cleanliness control implementation rules from the four dimensions of self-made parts, procurement parts, logistics and distribution, and assembly.” According to technical experts from Xichai Quality Assurance Department, Xichai has adopted a series of measures to ensure the cleanliness of the engine manufacturing. At present, Xichai uses a unified pressure cleaning method to clean components. At the same time, Xichai also promoted the optimization and maintenance of on-site equipment and implemented online unpacking measures to avoid secondary pollution and ensure that the cleanliness of components reached the domestic leading level. The cleanliness testing environment was also changed from the original semi-open laboratory to a fully enclosed 100,000 clean laboratory.

Projects standard work

The insistence of quality, the power of detail.

Entering the joint factory building of the heavy-duty diesel engine production base of Xiehai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., this heavy machinery production base covering an area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters, made people feel the strong power of "Made in China". Its world-class modern production line also shows to the world the highest level of the Chinese automobile industry. According to the leader in charge of quality technology, the production line processing line here is agile, efficient, automated, and informatized, and its manufacturing level is in the leading position in the world. However, in order to ensure the cleanliness of Aowei's machines, they still analyze various types of factors affecting the self-made parts or the cleanliness of the whole machine, as well as the cleanliness of the whole machine. The grade of importance (A/B/C), the formation of classification schedules, the implementation of cleanliness control standards, the formulation and implementation of the “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Protection and Cleanliness of the Parts”, and the development of tools, tooling, and inspection tools, etc. Cleanliness control work instructions. By standardizing the use of accessories and tools, maintenance of equipment, dust prevention of work products, station equipment and material distribution improvement measures, the physical quality of cleanliness is effectively improved, and secondary pollution caused by circulation links is reduced.

Entering the CA6DL machine shop, this job site logistics, which is also based on white, is arranged in an orderly manner with clear on-site identification. Approaching the operation area, the information card suddenly appeared in sight. Here, the business process has been quantified and solidified, which shows that the quality management specification is fine. “We guarantee the high-end quality of Aowei. We not only rely on high-precision equipment, but also rely on quality standards.” According to workshop leaders, each job post in the workshop is provided with a “operational standard book”, and a quality assessment system with a score of 100 points is adopted. The first piece of inspection is detailed in terms of equipment maintenance, tool replacement, production change, operation change, program modification, etc. The preparation of the machining program and measurement program, commissioning verification, call production, modification, backup and storage filing process control. Through this series of process control, the high quality of Aowei's self-made parts is ensured.

Pursuit of excellence leads to quality

To be in perfection and to be beautiful.

"In order to achieve the Aowei series of corporate and component cleanliness enterprise standards, the assembly shop even regulates the use of white cloth and glove cleanliness requirements and solidifies the process documents." In the assembly shop, in charge of technical quality leaders, said to improve the internal turnover station appliances Cleanliness, the workshop has carried out two rounds of joint inspections of the 6DM and 6DL assembly processes, found 48 problems in the process of weak links, and it has undergone full-scale correction and closed-loop operations last year. The workshop's "Quality Control Point Setup and Development Status" display panel clearly reflects the technical requirements, operating equipment and management methods of each quality control point of the assembly line. The technical quality leader of the assembly shop in charge explained that the workshop also ensures the quality of the entire assembly process is controlled by applying error prevention technology, electronic coverage of the process, standardizing the inspection process, setting up quality control points, and quality warning points. At the same time, the shop will conduct statistical analysis every month to calculate the Cpk value of the process capability index. On-site precontrol through control charts, once unfavorable trends are discovered, system analysis will be carried out based on XR maps from people, machines, materials, methods, loops, and measurements. Check the causes and formulate countermeasures to ensure that the quality process is stable and controlled... ...

Strict attitude is fine. The Xixi Diesel Assembly Plant has also ensured the assembly quality through key component assembly processes this year. On the basis of 33 quantitative assembly parts last year, they expanded to 74 parts this year, optimizing the flow of materials for production and parts and operating procedures for components. At the same time, it also organized the process basic research for "cone screw plugs, combination washers, hinge bolts tightening process" and "for L series diesel engine torque control equipment and facilities", carried out multi-level process disciplinary inspections, and strictly regulated the operation of adjustment, covering to Each production post, daily notification, and end-of-month assessment established a quality supervision mechanism for the assembly process.

Looking forward to the deep show. Xichai's advanced quality concept, stringent quality standards, and scientific quality assurance methods make Xichai Aowei “core” lead the quality and become a star of the engine industry.

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