National Standard Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Build Platform Service Industry Work "Relying on the development of the industry, we will strive for our own development and upgrade our ability to promote industrial upgrading and transformation." The National Standard Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center promoted institutional development through industrial development during the 11th Five-Year Plan Period, upgraded its own capabilities with key service projects, and successfully passed the review and acceptance of the A-class National Center to establish the Haiyan Standard Parts Technology Innovation Service Platform in Zhejiang Province. The “win-win” situation of institutional development and boosting industrial development.

Sharpening the ability of the service industry to constantly expand The ability to test the business market is a fundamental factor in maintaining the vitality of the center, and is also the best way to expand service coverage. The center is based in Zhejiang and radiates across the country. It strives to explore the testing market. The average annual growth rate of testing business is above 15%. The center serves more than 5,000 standard-sized enterprises each year. At the same time, the center helps enterprises to implement macro-quality analysis and provides basis for the company's leadership and quality departments to formulate quality guidelines. The inspection service has significantly improved the company's production capacity and product quality. During the 11th five-year period, the qualified rate of quality inspection of standard parts enterprises in Haiyan County has increased from 64.3% in 2004 to 92.5% in 2009. In recent years, the center has successively participated in the testing of key projects related to the Hangzhou Bay Sea-crossing Bridge, Qinshan Nuclear Power, and Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, and has completed various inspection tasks in a timely and accurate manner, providing guarantees for project quality and safety.

The business development of the center can enter key national projects and involve in high-end fields such as automobiles and aviation, thanks to the continuous improvement of the testing capabilities of the center. Since its establishment, the center has never relaxed its construction of technical talents. In recent years, the center has continuously strengthened its technical talents through the introduction, training, and skillful use of external forces. The center arranges technical training funds each year, and docks with scientific research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Steel Research Institute. It selects technical backbones to participate in skill training, or invites experts and professors to give lectures. At the end of 2008, the center and Zhejiang University of Technology jointly held a postgraduate teaching postgraduate program at the center, which laid the foundation for the improvement of the quality of the center's employees. In 2009, with the approval of the Department of Personnel of Zhejiang Province, the Center established a postdoctoral workstation and opened up new ways to introduce high-level talents to solve common technical problems in the industry. A series of measures have improved the capabilities of the center and ensured the development of the service industry.

Innovative Carriers Pursue More Detailed Service With the acceleration of industrial development, various new situations and new problems emerge in an endless stream. While centering closely on the fundamentals of inspection services, the Center provides support for industrial upgrading through innovative service carriers.

Planning first leads the industry in an orderly manner. In 2010, the center undertook the Haiyan County government's "Haiyan County Fastener Adjustment and Revitalization Plan" to compile and guide implementation tasks. After the promulgation of "Planning", it was recognized by the main leaders of the county party committee. "Planning" identifies six major industrial clusters such as fostering the development of automobiles and standard parts for wind power, combining with five major tasks such as accelerating the development of industrial clusters, upgrading the supporting production technology level, expanding and strengthening service platforms, changing the mode of industrial development, and increasing the popularity of the industry. And formulated corresponding policy support measures. Shen Jiahua, chairman of the Fastener Association of Zhejiang Province, said that in the past 30 years or more, the industry has felt more and more pressure in recent years, mainly because of low value-added products. The company has been eager to transform and upgrade. This time, the government implemented adjustment planning for the industry, and pointed out in a timely manner the direction of the company's development. Enterprises are confident that they will invest more and become stronger and bigger. The center actively guided the implementation of the "Planning" and launched the "Central Enterprise Alliance" activity, and organized local standard parts companies to connect with Qinshan Nuclear Power, CNR, and China Commercial Aircraft.

Facing companies to help develop internal quality control. The center has successively set up provincial-level regional science and technology innovation service centers and municipal-level technical service centers, and established a system of technicians and enterprises. Central technicians stationed in local companies to carry out common technical assistance work, and completed the improvement of pretreatment systems for plating parts and medicines. Automatic liquid addition system improves two items. Through the combination of analysis and production process, the center has successively completed the transformation of production technology and hardware technology for three companies, including four screw heat treatment line technical transformations, carriage bolt cold-reactor process technology transformation, and stainless steel heat treatment channel technological transformation. The center technicians also helped the company establish and perfect the laboratory and helped Zhejiang New Oriental Fastener Co., Ltd. to carry out the national laboratory certification. The center's technical staff also edited the "Europe and the United States fasteners technical requirements" published in China Standard Press, "Fasteners Inspection Manual" published in China Metrology Press.

Implement training to solve corporate common problems. The center focuses on the needs of the industry and regularly organizes various types of professional and technical training every year. In recent years, it has trained nearly 1,200 people. The center hired Mr. Du Meng, an expert of France’s ECTI heat treatment, to come to the center to conduct in-depth investigation and research. In order to solve the common technical problems of heat treatment in the industry, he proposed an improvement program and was well received by the enterprise. The center cooperated with Zwick of Germany to carry out the seminar on the analysis of the axial force of fastening standard friction coefficient of auto parts. More than 50 representatives from the auto industry such as FAW-Volkswagen, General Motors, Dongfeng Automobile and Zhejiang Geely participated in the seminar. The center focuses on the training of metal materials for heat treatment technology. It also conducts centralized promotion of various domestic and international standards for enterprises, which facilitates enterprises to grasp and lays a solid foundation for the improvement of technological capabilities of enterprises.

Set up a public information service platform, and the center has established the Zhejiang Provincial Standardization Technical Committee. The Standards Committee currently collects more than 1,300 standard standards for international standards, American standards, German standards, British standards, European standards, and the automotive industry, aerospace, and power industries. The center publishes the dynamics of standard parts industry information through the homepage of the website. It answers the questions raised by the company and provides a technical consulting platform. The website's click-through rate has totaled more than 36,000 times. In 2010, the Center and the Provincial Institute of Standardization established the "Fastener Industry Standard Information Service Platform" website. The platform collects more than 3,000 standard fasteners, and it is free for standard-sized companies. The construction of the information platform was confirmed by Zhao Hongzhu, secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee.

Extend the function Pursue the service Closer to the testing organization Can participate in the enterprise to engage in research and development? This issue has always been controversial. "In terms of testing services, the center has made certain achievements, but the service industry requires us to further change our thinking and expand our service model." Jiang Zhaoxi told reporters that the inspection service can help enterprises in the process of product molding and production process The auxiliary role, but to promote the development of the industry as its mission, the center's functions should be moved forward, using its own resources to help the industry transformation and upgrading.

The center took the lead in organizing and in July 2007, Zhejiang HaiTek Standard Parts R&D Co., Ltd. was formally established. The center also established a standard parts R&D center together with the National Engineering Research Center for advanced steel materials technology of the Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute. New products, new equipment, research and development of new processes, new technologies, and enhancement of industry technological innovation capabilities and core competencies. The company helped Zhejiang Qifeng Hardware Co., Ltd. to overcome the "high-speed screw railway spikes" project. Through introduction, digestion, and innovation, the products have passed the certification of the Ministry of Railways and German VOSSLOH (Fujilong) and are put into production in batches. The products are successfully applied to Wuhan-Guangzhou. , Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Zhengzhou Passenger Dedicated Line and other national key projects. Zhejiang Qifeng, which converted the product, gained a lot of revenue. Qifeng Company successfully obtained the access permit of Shanghai Railway Bureau on the railway material procurement market by virtue of this product, and also signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on Material Purchase. This plays a good role in the transformation and upgrading of sea salt standard parts enterprises.

In June 2010, the center took the lead in organizing the construction of Zhejiang Haiyan's standard parts technology innovation service platform with Zhejiang University of Technology, Jiaxing College and Zhejiang Haitaike Standard Parts R&D Co., Ltd. The platform conforms to the general requirements of “Government Build Platform, Platform Service Enterprise, Enterprise Independent Innovation, and Innovation to Promote Upgrade”, integrates scientific and technological resources, establishes a resource sharing mechanism, integrates innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, industrial application technology research and promotion Grasping hands to improve the ability of enterprises to absorb new technologies, integrated innovation capabilities, and original innovation capabilities, so as to accelerate the upgrading and development of standard parts industries.

To help companies develop R&D activities, the center has not put down the research and development of R&D capabilities, and has made significant achievements in expanding the testing instruments, methods, and common technology development. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the center successively passed two national utility model patent certifications, a provincial-level technology innovation service center, a provincial-level industry technology innovation service platform, and two provincial-level new product certifications that were jointly developed with enterprises. And a new method to study municipal scientific and technological achievements appraisal. During the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, a total of 23 scientific research projects of the center were approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the Provincial Science and Technology Department and other higher authorities.

Focusing on Industrial Services to Seek New Developments “In 2010, the center's inspection business expanded into the aviation field. Research and development also had platforms and professional R&D companies, which laid a solid foundation for the new round of development.” Jiang Zhaoxi told reporters, the center During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, we continued to focus on the improvement of detection capabilities and scientific research levels, and further strengthened the public technology platform for service industry development. In the new round of close to industrial service activities, the center will tightly grasp three studies. First, it will focus on project construction and carry out inspection and inspection methods and equipment research. The center will focus on the construction of new projects and the application of new technologies, especially in conjunction with the application of standard parts in nuclear power, aerospace, petrochemical, and other fields, and strengthen basic research on detection technologies. This is an important goal of the center's ability to improve based on its own capabilities. The second is to grasp the pulse of industry and strengthen key common technology research. The technological bottleneck of industrial development is closely linked with technological innovation, solving key common technical issues in the industry, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. Focus on the development of new coating technologies and materials, environmental protection coating technology, to meet the corrosion resistance and environmental protection requirements of the surface coating of standard parts; to carry out research on heat treatment process and energy saving technology for standard parts products, and to continuously improve the quality of standard parts products; Standard product manufacturing process, molds, special equipment and online test system development and promotion. The third is to focus on key areas and boost corporate product structure adjustment. Focusing on the direction of industrial development identified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the "Mechanism for the Promotion of the Basic Mechanical Components Industry", it will focus on helping enterprises to develop high value-added new product development and complete sets of equipment process design; and accelerate the development of aviation, railway and rail vehicles, nuclear power, automobiles and other related products. Develop, promote and apply, organize enterprises to connect central and foreign companies in petrochemical, wind power and other industries, expand demand resources, expand research directions and fields, and promote the adjustment of enterprise product structure.

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