Held by the Guizhou Economic Commission, the Microwave Industry Drying and Sterilization Conference organized by Guiyang Xinqi Microwave Industry Co., Ltd. was held in Guiyang. The purpose was to promote the application of new microwave energy technologies. These technologies improved the quality of medicines, reduced production costs, and saved Energy and improving production efficiency are all of great help. 157 delegates from across the country attended the meeting. Ding Ya and Yang Mingfa, leaders of the Provincial Economic Commission, delivered speeches at the conference. Wu Qi, General Manager of Novelty Microwave Company, elaborated on the new technology and new process of microwave drying and sterilizing equipment. At the same time, it also described the maintenance knowledge in the process of equipment use. Their philosophy is that “use is the beginning and good use is the purpose. ".
China's first Xiong Li, Production Manager of Guizhou Yijing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. using a vacuum microwave vacuum dryer, Chairman of Guizhou Xinbang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Mr. Cao Zong, from Tianyang Research Institute of Guizhou Province, respectively delivered speeches at the conference. He made a presentation on the experience of using microwave drying equipment. According to his own opinion, Guiyang Xinqi Microwave Industry Co., Ltd. is satisfied with the importance of product technical performance, heavy quality, heavy process, and heavy after-sales service.
Participants said that such meetings can be held more than just to learn about microwave technology, to view equipment on site, to understand the use of equipment, and to communicate with fraternal organizations to learn from each other and to promote the use of microwave energy technology. Very good effect.
At the same time, it was learned that some pharmaceutical factories began to use them from 2003 to 2004. They are basically running 2-3 times a day, such as Guizhou Yijun Pharmaceutical, Guizhou Braun Pharmaceutical, Guizhou Xinbang Pharmaceutical, Henan Jinshi Pharmaceutical, and Shanshui Bao Pharmaceutical. And so on, they gave a high evaluation of the quality of dry extracts, the continuous operation of equipment and after-sales service. With good equipment and good medicines, companies have good results.
Critics and suggestions: The representative gave an affirmation to the novel microwave company's emphasis on technology, research and development, and product quality. At the same time, it also criticized the company and did not better publicize, so that many users only know the superiority of microwave equipment, not Knowing that there are many differences between microwave equipment, that all microwave equipment are similar, whoever buys the low price, the result is that the quality of equipment purchased is poor, the output is low, and some simply can not be used, causing great losses to the enterprise, Guizhou Several such companies suffered losses, and some companies decided their fate because of one device.

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